Medical Practice Consulting Services

Consulting Solutions for Healthcare Professionals

No matter if you’re a doctor or investor, our consulting solutions will help you achieve your business goals. Our consulting services are delivered efficiently and with strategic thinking. We believe in positive results.

Pre-Transaction Planning

Texas Medical Practice Brokers’ pre-transaction services offer a complete financial plan and a projected route map for transition, acquisition and expansion. Are you ready to retire or slow down? Are you prepared to make a sale within the next two to five years? Our pre-transaction consulting offers specific strategies to help achieve your goals efficiently and quickly. You no longer need to guess.

Planning for after-transaction

Texas Medical Practice Brokers stands out because of our extensive pre-and after-transaction services. We offer a range of services, including post-transaction planning and revenue-building strategies. These key revenue enhancements are able to turn your newly acquired practice into a highly profitable investment. Are you interested in turning your $500k net profit business into a $1.1M revenue-generating investment? We can help.

Consulting for Medical Practice Performance

Texas Medical Practice Brokers can provide consulting services in medical practice performance for any size medical practice. Our medical practice management consulting services include targeted, ongoing steps towards achieving excellence in practice performance. There are many opportunities for improving the practice, increasing revenue streams and increasing return on investment. Your consulting investment will quickly return its value.

For both established and startups, preliminary assessments are done. These are followed by Recommendations and Results.

Areas that need to be assessed include

Practice Performance Management:

  • Strategies for solo physician practitioners
  • Strategies for group medical practices
  • It is important to understand where your practice falls within the national and regional benchmarks

Key performance indicators are reviewed, including:

  • Overhead, Operating Costs, Staffing Ratios, Revenue streams, Revenue Loss, Coding Structure
  • Preliminary assessment
  • Results and recommendations
  • Review and course corrections are done quarterly or bi-annually

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