Case Study 4: Michael H.

Careful Doctor Examining Small Child.

1) Client name

Michael H. (Family Medicine physician, Age 68)

2) What was the client concerned about?

The Internal Medicine Physician wished to directly sell her practice due to family health concerns. She wanted to sell her practice within 90 days.

3) What services did you perform for the client?

Primarily we evaluated the practice and created a strategic marketing plan. The client then described us to represent them in the sale of their Internal Medicine practice.

4) What were the client’s most significant achievements working with you?

Within the timeframe given by the client, we secured a buyer for buying the practice within three weeks of our first meeting and closed it three weeks later. As the practice sold quickly, the buyer had the seller stay on the staff for a 30-day patient transition. Eventually, the physician owner met her objective of caring for her family by selecting our firm.