Physiotherapist Treating Leg Injuries
Case Studies

Case Study 7: Ken L.

1) Client name Ken L. (Physical Therapist, Age 71) 2) What was the client concerned about? The physical therapist owner wanted to retire but needed another physical therapist to Ken was planning to retire. But he wanted a physical therapist to purchase the practice, retain the staff, and take care of the patients. 3) What

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Case Studies

Case Study 6: Michael C.

1) Client name Michael C. (Naturopathic physician, Age 66) 2) What was the client concerned about? The owner had an executive who was interested in purchasing the practice. The physician was not aware of the value of the practice, and neither had an idea about how to put a deal together. 3) What services did

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Careful Doctor Examining Small Child.
Case Studies

Case Study 4: Michael H.

1) Client name Michael H. (Family Medicine physician, Age 68) 2) What was the client concerned about? The Internal Medicine Physician wished to directly sell her practice due to family health concerns. She wanted to sell her practice within 90 days. 3) What services did you perform for the client? Primarily we evaluated the practice

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